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Activated carbon has a huge specific surface area, one gram of activated carbon expansion area is equivalent to a standard football field, and there are different pore diameter channels, when the water from the activated carbon inside the channel through, various impurities will be adsorbed by the surface of activated carbon, so that the water to achieve the purpose of clean. Activated carbon with the increase of adsorption pollutants, adsorption capacity is reduced, when the adsorption of pollutants in a saturated state, continue to use will make the adsorption of pollutants re-released into the water.
Three conditions for the replacement of activated carbon: 1. TTHM (trihalomethane refers to the disinfection by-product of chlorine-adding preparation for a long time in the purification process of tap water, mainly including trichloromethane, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform) after activated carbon filtration exceeds the standard; 2. 2, taste the obvious odor; 3. The service life has exceeded the prescribed number of years.

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