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Treatment of waste water containing chromium with activated carbon: Chromium is a metal raw material with a large amount in electroplating. Hexavalent chromium in waste water exists in different forms with different pH values. The microporous structure of the activated carbon has a very rich and higher specific surface area, with a strong physical adsorption capacity, effective adsorption in the wastewater of Cr (Ⅵ) activated carbon surface there are a lot of oxygen containing groups such as hydroxyl group (OH), carboxyl (-cooh) group - and so on, they all have electrostatic adsorption function, chemical adsorption on Cr. It can be used to treat Cr in electroplating wastewater, and the adsorbed wastewater can meet the national discharge standard.
Treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater by activated carbon: In industrial production, the wet extraction of gold and silver, the production of chemical fiber, coking, synthetic ammonia, electroplating, gas production and other industries all use cyanide or by-product cyanide, so in the production process must discharge a certain amount of cyanide-containing wastewater, activated carbon can effectively adsorb cyanide.
Treatment of mercury-containing wastewater by activated carbon: Activated carbon has the properties of adsorbing mercury and mercury-containing compounds, but its adsorption capacity is limited, so it is only suitable for treatment of wastewater with low mercury content. If the concentration of mercury is high, it can be treated by chemical precipitation method first. After treatment, it contains about 1mg/L of mercury, which can reach 2-3 mg/L at high temperature. Then, activated carbon can be used for further treatment.

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