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Job Title: Mechanic
Job Type: Full-time
Work experience: more than 3 years
Education: Technical secondary school
Number of recruits: 2
Release date: November 15, 2016
The job description
Skilled in electric welding and oxygen welding, familiar with motor, fan equipment and circuit.
Job requirement
Have 3 years or above working experience, work conscientiously, responsibly and actively!
Contact: Zhao Min
Contact number: 178 9782 7889
E-mail: xl2825@sina.com
Position: Sales Manager
Job Type: Full-time
Work experience: more than 3 years
Education: Bachelor degree
Number of recruits: 1
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The job description
Our company is about to set up an office in Beijing. We are looking for a regional sales manager to be responsible for business expansion
Job requirement
Have good sales and team management philosophy at least 3 years sales work experience, at least 1 year sales manager work experience strong sense of responsibility, can work under great pressure
Contact person: Manager Shi
Contact number: 13643424282
E-mail: shilihong@dtacw.com

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